Marlow Mar is a member of “French Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts” And Founder of American Int’l Culture & Art Assn.

He has been listed in “Global Register’s Who’s Who”; “Cambridge International Who’s Who”; “Kipling Register’s Who’s Who”; “American National Register’s Who’s Who”; “World Famous Chinese Artists Who’s Who”; and “Chinese Outstanding Characters’ Dictionary”.

Marlow’s works have often been auctioned out from 1996 from Beijing Rong Bao Zhai Auction, China; Beijing Han Hai Int’l Auction, China; CLC Int’l Auction,USA; Beijing Pacific Int’l Auction, China; Beijing Gioge Int’l Auction, China; Jiabao Int’l Auction, China, etc.

Marlow started his art lessons from his father Ming-Shun Ma when he was nine years old. He has relocated to California since 1978 to study Fine Arts in Don Miles Art Institute. After many years study and research, he finally creates his own unique style, Romantic Realism. He uses mixed mediums to create his works on silk and on canvas as well. His works are the combination of romanticism and realism and the east and the west. His paintings are full of dreaming feeling and give the viewers a vast room of imagination. Viewing his paintings is like reading a poem. His works emit a feeling of mystery and illusion and reflect his zeal and enthusiasm for universe and life from the depth of his soul. Colours of his paintings being soft and bright, his works will inspire viewers hearts and cheer up their minds. He beautifies our lives with his brushes and colours.

Marlow Mar paints with oil, acrylic, watercolours, pastels, Chinese colours, and water inks, almost all kinds of media. He paints landscapes, floral, seascapes, figures, and animals. He has won numerous awards in the art shows in the past 30 years. His works are collected by celebrities, museums, Art Centers, etc.

In 1980, he found “American Int’l Culture and Art Association”. In 1989, he took Taiwanese artist group visit Anhui, China and held an invitational group exhibition there. In 1999, he took American artists group to visit China and held an invitational show in Shanghai, China. In 2001 he organised an invitational show for Shanghai Artist Association in Los Angeles, USA. In 1993, He found Mayflower Art Institute in California, USA. Now he is the Director of US Office of Kede College, Beijing Capital Normal University, and a visiting Professor in Beijing University of Chemistry Technology, Art Department.


1980 – First personal Art Show in Taipei, Taiwan.
1981 – Taiwan National Invitational Art Show, 14th, Taiwan.
1982 – Organising Int’l Invitational Art Show in Taiwan.
1983 – Personal Show in Taiwan.
1984 – Organising Int’l Invitational Art Show.

Personal Show

1985 – Taiwan National invitational Art Show, 15th.
1988 & 1989 – Organising Chinese Artist Show in Anhui, China.
1992 – Personal Show In Taipei.
1993 – Organising International Art Show for American Int’l Art Assn.

Personal show. Los Angeles, USA.
Found “Mayflower Art Institute”. Los Angeles, USA.

1994 – Organising International Art Show for American Artists in Taiwan.

Personal Show in Sedona. Arizona, USA.

1995 – Demonstration for South Gate Art associations in Los Angeles, USA.

Demonstrate for Downey Art League. Los Angeles, USA.

1996 – Judging Art show for Lakewood Art Assn. Los Angeles, USA.

Starting auction in China.

1997 – Demonstrating for Los Almitos Art Assn.

Auctions in Beijing, China.

1999 – Organising American Artists show in Shanghai, China.
2001 – Organising Int’l Invitational show in the USA for Shanghai Art Assn.
2002 – Paramount Int’l Invitational Show.
2003 – Laguna Beach Art Festival. California, USA.
2004 – China Art Expo, Auctions in China.
2005 – China Art Expo, Auctions in China.
2006 – China Art Expo, Auctions in China.
2007 – Art Show at Museum Louvre. Paris, France ( winning Special Award).

Art Auction in China.

2008 – Art Show at Museum Louvre, Paris, France.

A personal show at Shanghai, China.
Art Auctions in China.

2009 – Personal Show at Beijing, China.

Art Show in Museum Louvre, Paris, France.
Art Auctions in China.
American Yajinavalka Art publisher prints 5 images of Marlow Mar’s paintings.

2010 – Singapore art Auction.

Three Auctions in China (Gioge, Hanhai, Jiade Auction Companies).
Museum Louvre Salon. Paris, France.

2011 – Gioge art Auction, Beijing, China.

Art Festival in Sungzhuang, Beijing China.
Demonstration for Los Angeles La Mirada Art Assn; Paramount Art Association & Downy Art League

2012 – Gioge Art Auction, Beijing,China.

Art Passion Salon in Ablon. Paris, France.
Salon D’ Automne. Tel Aviv, Israel.
Museum Louvre Salon. Paris, France.
Montreal salon. Paris, France.

2013 – Art Auction in Beijing, China

Museum Louvre Salon. Paris, France.

2014 – Publishing Large Catalogue
2015 – China Post Office Printing Stamps with my paintings

Laguna Beach art Show. California, USA.
Las Vegas Art Show. Nevada, USA.

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